The Not So Secret Life of Pets

Have you seen the teaser trailer for ‘Secret Life of Pets’? If you haven’t go ahead and click on the link. Teaser Trailer ‘Secret Life of Pets’ This trailer is a small art-work in its own right. The film that follows it is less subtly quirky – but it is also thoroughly enjoyable. Max is a small dog and a pampered pet. He loves his … Continue reading The Not So Secret Life of Pets

The Battle of the Bastards. The Genius of Simplicity.

The latest episode of The Game of Thrones was excellent. But it was not excellent simply because it was bloodthirsty, as The Guardian suggests.  It was excellent because it was finally balanced. Instead of skipping around the many plots and intrigues of Westeros it presented us with two balanced character groups : Daenerys Stormborn on the one hand and the Starks on the other. The … Continue reading The Battle of the Bastards. The Genius of Simplicity.

The Blackfish. GOT S6.E. 8 Riverrun

The Blackfish I am not going to discuss the Arya story right now. If you are anything like myself you have probably read more than enough of Arya analysis pieces over the past week. I will focus on the plot developments at Riverrun. On the whole, I was slightly disappointed by the TV series depiction of those scenes. Although Jaime Lannister’s conversation with Edmure Tully … Continue reading The Blackfish. GOT S6.E. 8 Riverrun

Game of Thrones: Never too late for the girls

I am not going to talk too much about Lyanna Mormont. She is quite simply ace. She also seems to take after quite a few of the qualities of Wylla Manderly from A Dance With Dragons. She is young, outspoken and appears to have an ability to communicate with Sir Davos. She is also loyal to the Starks. I now strongly suspect Wylla Manderly will … Continue reading Game of Thrones: Never too late for the girls

Love and Friendship (Lady Susan)

Having spent my Master’s in Cambridge writing a dissertation about Austen and Laurence Sterne, I was looking forward with particular delight to reviewing the film adaptation Love and Friendship. I am glad not to be disappointed. First of all, however, let me give honour where it’s due. I cannot for the life of me understand why the film is entitled ‘Love and Friendship’, when it … Continue reading Love and Friendship (Lady Susan)

Blood of My Blood. Benjen Returns.

I thought I had stopped doing reviews of Game of Thrones episodes this season, but I was jerked out of my lethargy by the validation of my secret Benjen Stark/ Coldhands theory, which I wrote about in The Red Woman and a theory about Jon Snow Coldhands and Benjen Stark are the same person in the TV series. What happens in the books remains to … Continue reading Blood of My Blood. Benjen Returns.

Laugh, Cry and Ponder: Florence Foster Jenkins

There are so many things about Florence Foster Jenkins that I can’t make up my mind about. It is well-acted and well-directed, and I keep pondering its scenes and its characters, trying yet failing to understand them. Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) is convinced that she has considerable talent as an opera singer. Her accommodating husband (Hugh Grant) sets up concerts in which the entire audience … Continue reading Laugh, Cry and Ponder: Florence Foster Jenkins

Captain America: Civil War

  My initial reaction to the trailer for Captain America: Civil War was not enthusiastic. I watched the quarrel between Iron Man and Captain America develop and I wrinkled my forehead. They’re super heroes, I thought to myself. Surely Marvel is running out of ideas. Why can’t they just get along? Well, after watching this film, I completely understand why they can’t. Captain America: Civil … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War