Blood of My Blood. Benjen Returns.

I thought I had stopped doing reviews of Game of Thrones episodes this season, but I was jerked out of my lethargy by the validation of my secret Benjen Stark/ Coldhands theory, which I wrote about in The Red Woman and a theory about Jon Snow

Coldhands and Benjen Stark are the same person in the TV series. What happens in the books remains to be seen…

So, at least according to the Game of Thrones tv series, I was right. Colhands is actually Benjen Stark. Or basically an eternally single-Aragorn with some frostbite issues. He even saves Bran and Meera from a swarm of wights, by using fire. Does this bring back memories, or what?

Benjen (Aragorn) valiantly chasing off the wights
Benjen comforting Bran Baggins. Sorry, did I say Bran?  I meant Frodo.

Meanwhile Arya Stark uncovers Needle, the sword Jon Snow gave her, which she buried before she asked to be admitted at the temple in Bravoos. With a ‘sword from the stone’ moment straight from the Arthurian legends, Arya acknowledges her own identity and inheritance. Let’s hope she lives to claim it.


All the reviews I have read online so far have been pleased with Daenerys’s speech at the end of the episode. Personally, I thought it was an unnecessary repetition of the ‘fire homage’ scene from ‘The Book of the Stranger’. The only benefit of the scene was that it rewound the episode to almost exactly the same situation in which George R.R. Martin’s books have finished.: ie. Drogon and Daenerys are surrounded by a huge Khalasar.

The major difference being that Drogon is far more tame in the films than he is the books, so he forgets to eat any of the Dothraki horses. Unless Drogon ate the white horse Daenerys was riding, before she climbed onto his back. I can only hope so… otherwise her dragon might try snacking on her bloodriders.  #Drogonishungry #feedyourdragon



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