Game of Thrones: Never too late for the girls

I am not going to talk too much about Lyanna Mormont. She is quite simply ace.


She also seems to take after quite a few of the qualities of Wylla Manderly from A Dance With Dragons. She is young, outspoken and appears to have an ability to communicate with Sir Davos. She is also loyal to the Starks. I now strongly suspect Wylla Manderly will not make an appearance in the films, but I will try not to resent it too much, as clearly Lyanna’s got what it takes to be a girl-power heroine. Obviously, I am trusting George R.R. Martin to write me some more Wylla Manderly scenes in the books…

The Lyanna Mormont scene attempts to compensate for the horrific Arya stabbing scene later on in the episode. It seems very foolish of Arya to just wander off into Bravos and look for a ship to Westeros, when she knows the Servants of the Many-Faced God are looking to kill her. Hopefully she won’t pay for this foolishness with her life, although given the extent of her wounds, it would seem the realistic solution… Here’s hoping for some wish-fulfillment from the Game of Thrones this season. Jon Snow has turned out to be alive after all. Let’s keep Arya alive too… Please?

Staying with the girl-power theme for today, I rather liked the interaction between Lady Olenna Tyrell and Queen Margaery. Both are determined to protect each other and the honour of their house. Though the High Sparrow has hitherto been successful in putting House Lannister under his control, I feel that with House Tyrell he might have bitten off more girl-power than he can chew. House Tyrell’s motto, is ‘Growing Strong’. and that means that unlike the roaring Lanninsters they can bide their time…  I am looking forward to seeing the result of this contest.



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