The Post – film review

Steven Spielberg’s The Post is named as an Oscar favourite for 2018 and it is hard not to see why. A film directed by Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in the main roles must necessarily attract attention. The events depicted in the film take place in The Washington Post newspaper during Nixon’s administration. Tom Hanks plays the Ben Bradlee, the executive editor and Meryl Streep … Continue reading The Post – film review

A Defence of Christmas Presents

Have you read any of those articles written by one of those “holier than thou” journalists telling you that Christmas shopping is destroying the planet and you should be content to give and receive only hand-knitted socks and scarves (preferably from recycled wool)? I know I have read plenty of them, and they annoy me (and if you haven’t read any of them, here’s one … Continue reading A Defence of Christmas Presents

Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton – book review

I did it! I finished reading Ron Chernow’s massive biography of Alexander Hamilton with 4 more days to spare before I go to see the musical.   I’m not going to pretend this was a very easy feat for me – the first few hundred pages were quite uphill, perhaps because the stories about Hamilton’s distant relatives were not quite as interesting as the author … Continue reading Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton – book review