David Copperfield- film review

The more I think about Armando Iannuci’s adaptation of David Copperfield, the more I like it. I left the cinema in a shock- the differences between book and film overwhelmed me- and I was reciting them enraptured to my companion- who had not read the book- and was slightly baffled at the vehemence of my emotions. And then I slept on it. The next day, … Continue reading David Copperfield- film review

The State of the Union – TV series review

I was fascinated by the concept of this BBC mini TV series. A troubled married couple, Louise and Tom, decide to attend marital counseling. Before they go to their counselor, they meet at the pub for a drink. The entire TV series is based on those meetings in the pub. It has 10 episodes of 10 minutes each, and I was seriously tempted to watch … Continue reading The State of the Union – TV series review

10 Reasons why BoJack Horseman is an addictive TV Series

It all started with a friend of mine. “Have you watched BoJack Horseman?” “No.” “Oh, you should really watch it.  You will love it.” So she sent me some youtube clips about BoJack Horseman.  And I refused to watch it for about 6 months. Because really what’s so attractive about a cartoon with a horse in it? Fast forward to November 2018, and I am … Continue reading 10 Reasons why BoJack Horseman is an addictive TV Series

The Post – film review

Steven Spielberg’s The Post is named as an Oscar favourite for 2018 and it is hard not to see why. A film directed by Spielberg and starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in the main roles must necessarily attract attention. The events depicted in the film take place in The Washington Post newspaper during Nixon’s administration. Tom Hanks plays the Ben Bradlee, the executive editor and Meryl Streep … Continue reading The Post – film review