The skincare book review

I just finished Caroline Hirons’s book Skincare the other day. It made me think about the variety of skincare books that I’ve read in the last few years.  Clearly my skin is not perfect. If it was, I wouldn’t be reading all those books about skin, would I? I’d just be wandering around with my lovely looking skin and not worrying about it. Instead, I tend to … Continue reading The skincare book review

Tom Holland’s “Athelstan” – book review

“It was the most terrible conflict that anyone could remember. Entire kingdoms were mobilized for combat. Slaughter fit to stupefy poets was visited on the ranks of the rival combatants. The memory of it would long endure. (…)  “Æðelstan cyning lædde fyrde to Brunanbyrig”: Athelstan the king led the levy to Brunanburh. (…) At stake, though, was not just the future of Athelstan’s kingdom. Beyond the world … Continue reading Tom Holland’s “Athelstan” – book review