David Copperfield- film review

The more I think about Armando Iannuci’s adaptation of David Copperfield, the more I like it. I left the cinema in a shock- the differences between book and film overwhelmed me- and I was reciting them enraptured to my companion- who had not read the book- and was slightly baffled at the vehemence of my emotions. And then I slept on it. The next day, … Continue reading David Copperfield- film review

No new resolutions – and the joys of rereading

There’s not been a bookish New Year’s resolution post this year, and for good reason. Last year’s one failed spectacularly. Let’s have a look. 1. I hoped I would spend less on books. I didn’t. I hoped I would borrow more from the library. That was the case when I was unemployed, but since I’ve started working full-time the resolution has gone out the window. … Continue reading No new resolutions – and the joys of rereading

Oyinkan Braithwaite „My Sister, the Serial Killer” – book review

I was struck by the cover of this book. And then I heard it got longlisted for the Booker this year. Amazon had it on sale for Kindle, and I just could not resist- even though with that good a cover, you sort of want it for your bookshelf. This was a quick and very enjoyable read. The story is set in Nigeria. Korede is … Continue reading Oyinkan Braithwaite „My Sister, the Serial Killer” – book review

Max Tegmark “Life 3.0” – book review

Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0 is a speculation about the consequences of developing “general artificial intelligence”. General AI is a computer intelligence that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. This type of AI is opposed to today’s highly-specialized AIs that focus on one task: such as face-recognition or playing chess. Tegmark is a general AI enthusiast. He is convinced that general intelligence … Continue reading Max Tegmark “Life 3.0” – book review