7 Reasons why you should watch “Parks and Recreation”

I have just finished watching Parks and Recreation on Sunday and I am still undergoing some serious withdrawal symptoms… Anyhow, if all is going to plan, I should be on holiday by the time you’re reading this post 🙂 so hopefully I will have stopped wondering what to watch in the evenings by then….

The Plot:

Parks and Recreation tells the story of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie is an enthusiastic workaholic who absolutely loves everything about her job (which is, as you would expect, rather boring and very rarely groundbreaking city government work). One day, at a citizens’ forum, a local nurse, Anne (Rashida Jones) asks Leslie to do something about the abandoned empty lot next to her house, which is basically a construction pit. Leslie promises to help Anne, no matter how many toes she steps on, or how much red tape she has to file and peruse. So the adventure begins.

The show has 7 seasons, so I’ve decided to give you seven reasons (aha!) why you should watch it.

1.Leslie’s optimism during the first two seasons of the TV series is infectious 


2. The show features Chris Pratt in a background role – as Anne’s slightly helpless (useless, but sweet) rockstar boyfriend. It’s just incredible…

andy dwyer

3. Ron Swanson (Leslie’s boss)  is a satire/ idealization of the classic American libertarian male. And he’s very funny to watch…


4. A co-worker of Leslie’s,  Tom Haverford is played by an actor called Aziz Ansari. He has now written a bestselling book and a very well-known TV series (Master of None). And yes, he made his name by acting in Parks and Rec

Tom Haverford

5. If you ever thought you were lazy and unmotivated at work, you only need to look at April Ludgate, the Parks and Recreation department intern, to realize that you’re actually pretty energetic.


6. Though you would undoubtedly find Chris Traeger annoying as a person sometimes, you will absolutely love him as a character.


7. It is heartwarming, funny TV at its best

Parks and Rec




Have you seen Parks and Recreation already? What’s your favourite season?



7 thoughts on “7 Reasons why you should watch “Parks and Recreation”

  1. Haha I actually did a very similar post to this one a long time ago as part of my 5 reasons why series! 😀 I’m happy to see more people promoting the show, it’s wonderful ❤ Also I find everyone in it so relatable? It used to be only a few characters but now I see myself in everyone 😂

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