Kit de Waal’s “My Name is Leon”

I came across this book completely by coincidence. I had an awkward gap between meetings and seminars at the London Book Fair and I saw that Kit de Waal was speaking at the time. I knew she writes for The Guardian occasionally, so I decided to trot along to the talk. It was interesting enough for me to buy her debut book My Name is Leon. … Continue reading Kit de Waal’s “My Name is Leon”

February 2018 – TBR

Given that I feel that I should have read some of those ages ago, I’ve decided to use this February (American Black History Month)  as a pretext to get reading. Here’s my self-selected book-bundle: It includes: 1.) The Autobiography of Malcolm X 2.) A Gift of Love Martin Luther King Jr 3.) The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. Du Bois 4.) Narrative of the Life … Continue reading February 2018 – TBR