Spider-Man: Homecoming

I’ve only seen one of the many previous Spider-Man films (Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield in 2012) and I wasn’t initially too enthusiastic about seeing this one. After all, how many times can you recycle the same comic book character? But I was persuaded to give this film a chance thanks to its many positive reviews – and I am glad I did. 
First of all, this film is truly linked to the Avengers saga. One of its more amusing opening scenes is Spider-Man’s videoblog of the events occurring in Captain America: Civil War. He sounds exactly like an impressed teenager in a theme park. “Whoa! That’s Captain America!?!”
And that teenager filming everything for youtube is precisely the reason for the success of this Spider-Man film. Instead of biting into the agonized morality of Spider-man’s origin story, the film offers a funny take on a modern teenager being a superhero. Including the agonizing dilemma of whether he should reveal his identity to the entire school at his crush’s house party in order to impress her- and also the dilemma as to whether he should practice his Spider-Man moves or build a Lego Death Star with his best friend. Unlike Captain America: Civil War and Avengers:Age of Ultron, Spider-man: Homecoming is a superhero movie that doesn’t take itself very seriously. Its humour is very much akin to the humour of Ant-Man, Marvel’s other somewhat unlikely Avenger film. 
The movie is also helped by an excellent supporting cast including Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man (of course), Michael Keaton as Spider-Man’s nemesis ( a builder turned bad), and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts (Yes! She’s back! Can she stay, please?). 
All in all, an excellent night at the cinema – making me hope that Thor 3 will not turn out to be the disaster I worry it might be…

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