A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – review

George R.R. Martin’s book A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was a welcome surprise. I expected it to be little more than a money-making spin-off from The Saga of Ice and Fire, and I had not been pleased with The Ice Dragon book.  But I really enjoyed  A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Partially, I think because it is definitely set in Westeros and – if you are a stubborn person like myself – you can trace the main characters’ relationship to Daenerys Targarean and Maester Aemon (always a bonus). Its plotline vaguely nods at not just fantasy, but medievalism. It includes tournaments, a beautiful seductress/witch, and omnipresent male violence. 

At the same time the book plays with the fairytale convention: we have an intelligent young prince in disguise as a squire, and a gallant knight whose good intentions and strength provide a counterbalance to his lack of wisdom. The edition I was reading was also beautifully illustrated by Gary Gianni.


Just look at how gorgeous these dragons are! 

All of this makes for a very entertaining read and has made me very excited to read The World of Ice and Fire.

All in all, a recommended read for all Game of Thrones fans. And I think it will work for slightly younger readers too. Just be aware that though (SPOILER ALERT) that although the two main characters of this particular book survive  – bear in mind that this is a George R. R. Martin book – so if anyone is particularly noble, brave, or wise their days are probably numbered. Just saying. 

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