Herodotus “The Histories” – book review

Herodotus The Histories is a brick of a book. It’s 750 pages of history and ethnography with a loose Greek- Persian theme to it. It’s definitely not always a page-turner. But I am so glad I read it, because there are moments in it that absolutely illuminated my understanding of ancient Greece. The reason I reached for Herodotus is Ryszard Kapuściński’s Travels with Herodotus. I took … Continue reading Herodotus “The Histories” – book review

Seth Godin “This is Marketing” – book review

Seth Godin has written many books on marketing, and recently I’ve decided to read at least one of them. This is Marketing is his most recent title. It’s very readable, and I devoured it in one afternoon. It’s not really intended as an introduction to the subject, despite its encouraging title. However, for those who have had some experience of marketing, this is a very … Continue reading Seth Godin “This is Marketing” – book review

Edward Bullmore’s “The Inflamed Mind” – book review

Professor Edward Bullmore is Head of the Department of Psychiatry and the Director of the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge and a part-time consultant for GlaxoSmithKline. His book is a summary of the most recent research linking depression to physical inflammation. Here’s a link to an article summarizing his theory. I found this book absolutely … Continue reading Edward Bullmore’s “The Inflamed Mind” – book review