10 Reasons why BoJack Horseman is an addictive TV Series

It all started with a friend of mine.

“Have you watched BoJack Horseman?”


“Oh, you should really watch it.  You will love it.”

So she sent me some youtube clips about BoJack Horseman.  And I refused to watch it for about 6 months. Because really what’s so attractive about a cartoon with a horse in it?

Fast forward to November 2018, and I am basically watching a series a day. Oops.

Guess she was right and I was wrong.

Now, I don’t think that everyone will love BoJack Horseman (the sense of humour can be a bit brutal at times), but for those who do like it, it can be almost like a sort of drug… and the TV series even ironically references this (an overdose on BoJack can be lethal… as those who watch the TV series will understand).

But here are some reasons why it’s so easy to get addicted to this show.


1. It’s not afraid to ask and (make fun of) the big questions.

peanutbutter universe quote

  1. Because it dismisses the cult of the “real you” and the narcissistic “just be yourself slogans” that seem to appear everywhere
  1. Because it gives incredibly accurate depictions of depression-like states
  1. Because it demonstrates all the avoidance techniques we use, and I don’t just mean BoJack’s alcohol and drug addictions here. bojack horseman princess carolyn


  1. Because BoJack is even more messed up than you, and that gives you hope.

responsible for my own happiness

  1. Because it indulges in postmodern metanarratives  (read more here)    in a manner reminiscent of a Pynchon novel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQkXRRzv9_w
  2. Because it juxtaposes the trivial with the existential, which is basically the essence of a hilarious joke.bojackquote
  3. Because it satirizes 21st-century obsessions in a savage way.sarah lynn prickly muffin
  4. Because it’s not afraid to satirize psychotherapists  eitherfeel heard
  5. Because it references Sartre and hides a Franz Marc painting on BoJack’s wall.franz marc bojack


Do you love BoJack Horseman? Do you hate it?  Let’s find out. By watching it preferably – or if you already have an opinion let me know.

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