Game of Thrones Season 8 – Waiting for the Finale

Like many people, I was slightly disappointed by the latest episode of the Game of Thrones. Not that I found Dany’s descent into madness unbelievable. It’s just that it felt a bit too quick.

I couldn’t get why she would burn the city while leaving Cersei for later. If anything, burn Cersei first and then burn everyone else #PRIORITIZE


I quite liked Jaime and Cersei’s ending, although as I haven’t been locked in a cupboard for the past week, I did notice the rest of the internet didn’t feel that way.

In justification, I can only say that it reminds me of Wagner opera’s which seemed to be something that Jaime and Cersei were originally based on. Also, it wraps together neatly with their beginning in season 1. People complain that Jaime and Brienne should have had a lovely future together, but I feel that we should all face it – Jaime was too broken to be fixed.

It’s all about this power trio.


I’m joking- I can easily guess Brienne needs to die defending Sansa from crazy Dany next episode. Still. A girl can dream.


My predictions for the next episode:

I worry people are right and we will end up with King Jon Snow. I know most people think that’s a happy ending. But I have really mixed feelings about this.

I never thought Jon Snow should end up on the iron throne. The most important disqualifier is his lack of political sense – he was actually killed by the people he was supposed to govern and failed to predict that they were conspiring against him. If not for Melissandre, he would have stayed dead, which usually tends to disqualify you as a candidate for an Iron Throne. Let me just say, I feel that he wouldn’t last very long without Melissandre being around. But at the moment it really looks like it – as that would really suit George R.R. Martin’s description of a bittersweet ending.

Unless it will be mad Dany ruling – which actually would be very dark and bitter (I can hear the sound of Tywin cackling in the background) – but I somehow doubt it.


I suspect she will get killed after she chops off Tyrion’s head. All along I’ve been rooting for Tyrion, but this season I somehow lost heart. He really hasn’t been behaving much like himself lately – there is very little of the strategic planner left. And when he freed Jaime, I just completely lost faith that I will see him finish Thrones alive.


I think Arya has to be the one who kills Dany or at least Drogon. You don’t get a random white horse rescuing you out of burning King’s Landing if you’re not meant to do something important later on.


As to the claim that Sansa might get the Iron Throne – as far as I can see, she has absolutely no claim to it. The scenario I think most likely is King Jon Snow ruling King’s Landing and Sansa ruling the North.


What do you think will happen? Who will rule Westeros?








2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 – Waiting for the Finale

  1. Until this season, I would have said Jon dies and Dany lives. Now it is looking much more like the opposite.

    I like making fun of Jon Snow as much as the next fellow, but I’m not sure he would be that bad a leader. It was absolutely doing the right thing that got him killed after all. Maybe what he really needs to learn is to be smarter about who he walks off alone with. (Maybe keep a direwolf by your side at all times buddy.) And the lesson there might be that the Night’s Watch was irrevocably broken. Mormont died by mutiny as well, after all.

    Cersei didn’t have a claim to the throne either, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. I remain firmly anti-Sansa, though.

    I agree Arya will play a big role in the finale. It would seem a bit much to let her kill the Night King and Drogon/Dany, though.

    I’m not happy with how they’ve written Dany (for most of the series, but especially this season). I may write an entire post on it after the finale.

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