Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d love to meet

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. You can find a list of topics for each week at That Artsy Reader Gir if you’d like to join in! This week’s theme is “Books by my Favorite Author that I Still Haven’t Read”

I go to a lot of author meetings whenever I can, and there are lots of authors I would absolutely love to meet.  Many authors have decidedly mixed feelings about being surrounded by a crazed group of fans asking for an autograph, which I can definitely understand… but that doesn’t stop me from being one of those fans…

In September, I went to see Sebastian Faulks in Ely and next month I am going to see Salman Rushdie in London. So my rule for this list is: the authors have to be alive- as otherwise, I suspect I’d just fill up this list mostly with 19th-century authors and that would be the end of it.


Authors I would like to meet

TTT Authors (1)

1. Meg Cabot  I was a huge fan of the Princess Diaries when I was a teenager, and I now follow her on Twitter. She’s funny, she loves cats and she lives on the Florida Keys- what’s not to like?


TTT Authors (3)

2. Marlon James  Well, after reading A Brief History of Seven Killings, I’m still completely clueless as to what he’d be like. So I’d look forward to that.


TTT Authors (4)

3. J.K. Rowling– honestly though- who wouldn’t?


TTT Authors

4. George R.R. Martin – he’s doing only one signing for his new book, Fire and Blood and it’s in the US, so it’s highly unlikely that I will see him. Also, he should not spend time signing, he should be writing…


TTT Authors (5)

5. Paul Bloom– this is actually cheating as I haven’t read of his books yet (but I’ve bought one now, so I probably will soon….) but I love his courses on Coursera and iTunes U/


TTT Authors (6)

6. John Le Carré– would love to meet him, but he hardly ever makes public appearances, so that probably ain’t happening any time soon.


TTT Authors (7)

7. Liane Moriarty- would go to a book signing of hers any time. Loved Big Little Lies. Is she planning any in the UK some point soon?


TTT Authors (10)

8. Zośka Papużanka– a Polish language author, who wrote the utmost realism about a childhood in Krakow


TTT Authors (8)

9. Patrick Rothfuss – although to him the George R.R. Martin comment also applies. He should be writing, so that I can finally read The Wise Man’s Fear and not worry that there is no new book to read after it


TTT Authors (9)

10. Helen Vendler – because I’ve read her literary criticism on Shakespeare’s sonnets and Keats’s odes and she is seriously cool.


A special mention goes to Mary Beard, whom I have met twice already. But she was so lovely at both of her author meetings that I would love to see her again!

Have you met any of those authors? Which authors would you like to meet?

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