Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez – book review

There haven’t been any reviews on this blog for a while –  I’ve been reading a few books, but of the sort that I’m usually slightly embarrassed about reviewing online (but read anyway).

In the same way as I read a book about perfect skin, because of my acne…. I read a self-help book about finances, because my finances are not as great as I’d like them to be. Possibly due to my strange tendency of acquiring new books every time I visit a bookshop.

But be warned, this is not one of those „get rich quick” books. Perhaps the opposite. The main focus of Your Money or Your Life is learning to be satisfied with what you have- and try to stop yourself from always craving more. The basic assumption is that in order to get the money you are selling your TIME to your employer. So instead of thinking how much a given thing costs, you can think of it in terms of how many hours at work did you spend to acquire a given thing. This realization can be a tiny bit terrifying.

There are two steps from the book that I’ve found very useful so far – making a total of how much I’ve earned in my life and writing down my expenses. However, there are quite a few other steps that I’d really like to try out. I really hope this book encourages me to save more! For the moment, it has made me take the very brave resolution that I will borrow more books from libraries rather than buying them. Stay tuned for more news on the subject…


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