Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”- book review

This is the first novel by Agatha Christie that I have ever read. ( I know, what have I been doing with my time….?)


I was drawn to this one not only by the knowledge of the recent Kenneth Branagh film adaptation, (which I have not seen) but also by the astonishing loveliness of the embossed Harper Collins cover. It was designed by Holly MacDonald (who also designed the cover for Eleanor Oliphaunt is Completely Fine) using Shutterstock images, which just proves how many gorgeous things you can create using Shutterstock.


I was at first struck by the structuring of the book: it has the outline of a mathematical riddle – a murder puzzle if you’d like to call it that. We have three parts: the Facts, the Evidence, and “Hercule Poirot sits back and thinks”. At every turn, the reader is tempted into making his own conclusions and solving the puzzle– there’s even a diagram which shows the accommodation of each passenger on the train.


I found it a very enjoyable read, though I have to admit from a novelistic point of view I found the ending somewhat unrealistic, even though I assume,  I would be delighted to be surprised if I were a more typical crime reader. Will be happy to read more Agatha Christie novels in the future though!

8 thoughts on “Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express”- book review

  1. I saw this edition in a store recently and was really tempted to get it just for the gorgeous cover (I did not because as a long-time Christie fan my mom has all her books anyway and we’d be running in space-trouble if we started collecting several copies of each…)

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  2. hehe oh my goodness, I so relate- I only recently started reading Christie too! Oh I saw this cover too and was enraptured (I ended up getting a cheaper copy, cos I had no idea if I would like it, but good for you for getting this one!) I also found it very enjoyable and am looking forward to more Christie 😀 Great review!

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  3. Murder on the Orient Express is Christie’s finest novel, full stop. I’ve read all her mysteries and this one is still my favorite. I’ve seen all three of the movie adaptations and the newest version is only so-so, I think Branagh took far too many liberties with the story to pump up his own storyline. Unnecessary. However, it’s visually stunning and they did some really interesting camera work, and the casting is interesting.

    By far the best of the adaptations is the the 1974 version directed by Sidney Lumet. You will not be disappointed.

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  4. I’m planning on reading this one sometime this year. I loved ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ and look forward to checking out more from Christie!

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