Max Tegmark “Life 3.0” – book review

Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0 is a speculation about the consequences of developing “general artificial intelligence”. General AI is a computer intelligence that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. This type of AI is opposed to today’s highly-specialized AIs that focus on one task: such as face-recognition or playing chess. Tegmark is a general AI enthusiast. He is convinced that general intelligence … Continue reading Max Tegmark “Life 3.0” – book review

Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs” – book review

There are many adjectives that I would use to describe Steve Jobs – „dull” is not one of them. I don’t think I would have had the patience to read a biography of this length if I hadn’t been listening to it on Audible. I listened to it over a few months, dipping in at leisure, and taking breaks when it got to be a bit too … Continue reading Walter Isaacson “Steve Jobs” – book review