Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Books I Meant to Read in 2017

Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (and totallyyyy plan to get to in 2018!!)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. It will be moved to The Artsy Reader soon, so check out her webpage for future topics, if you’d like to join in.  This week’s topic is Ten Books We Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To (and totallyyyy plan to get to in 2018!!) – so here are some of mine – although if you follow this blog, you have probably seen some of those featured on my previous reading lists…

1.Jack Kerouac On the Road


I will read this at some point… Seriously

2. Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of a Day

remains of the day

He won a Nobel Prize in Literature last year, I have a copy of a book with his autograph, and I’ve read two of his books – but not his most famous. Oops…

3. Joseph Conrad A Personal Record

Notatnik Osobisty

It was part of last year’s unofficial “read everything by Joseph Conrad project” but as it was to be a library book, I never got round to it… I’ve received my own copy for Christmas (in Polish translation), so I’ve got no excuses now!

4. Joseph Conrad The Shadow-Line

The Shadow Line

The Joseph Conrad project strikes again…

5. BenJudah, This is London thisislondon

I have been meaning to read this one for a long while…

6. The Good Immigrant The Good Immigrant

Another one of those books’ that’s been on my radar….

7.Charlotte Brontë Villette


I’ve naughtily borrowed my Mum’s copy in February 2017, and haven’t returned it yet. It’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest.

Are there any books that you planned to read in 2017 and are planning to read in 2018 instead?

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Books I Meant to Read in 2017

  1. Really want to read The Good Immigrant too! With university so many books I want to read are constantly pushed further and further into the future …

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  2. The Remains of the Day is a stunning novel. I’m super envious you have a signed copy! I adore Villette and hope you will enjoy it too. It’s a bit of a strange novel and can be frustrating at times, but it is beautifully written and full of such powerful emotion. Happy reading!

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  3. Uh, ‘On the Road’… I watched the movie, I think it had the Twilight chick in it? I hated it and she was super annoying! I only wanted to see it because Viggo Mortensen had a role in it 😀 Was only a small one though. I DON’T want to read the book now 😀 I am scared^^

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