5 things you shouldn’t do on Instagram

I will be honest – I spend waaaay too much time on Instagram.

I have two accounts – a private one with my own photographs (@bellawilfer7) and one which basically shares the best “cats with books” photos from around Instagram (@catswithbooks ).  It has a lot more followers than my private one – because clearly, cats with books are the best thing ever!

This basically means that  I spend a lot of time scrolling through long feeds of photographs and a lot of time being annoyed by things. Things that normal people, who don’t spend half their lives on Instagram, would probably never notice.

Obviously, you can do whatever you want on Instagram! It’s your account…  This is just a list of things that get on my nerves whenever I see them on my feed…


  1. Those people who collect followers, but hate following other people….Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.27.34

Okay, don’t get me wrong – I‘m pretty sure they would all like us to believe that it just happens to be that they never check Instagram and random people happen to love their account.

Well, don’t believe them. These are the people who will follow you – only so that you will follow them back… and they will unfollow you a moment afterwards. Seriously? I even got a special app to monitor unfollowers and unfollow them back, because, after a while, it got far too annoying to let those people get away with it…

These people are completely missing the point. The whole point of Instagram is to enjoy each other’s photos. It’s a community, not a popularity contest. I love the @catswithbooks update feed, as it’s literally full of people who love cats … and…. you guessed it… books!

You’re fully in your rights to unfollow people whose feeds you don’t like, but don’t expect me to believe that you organically get proportions like this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.35.43

Unless, of course, you happen to be Beyoncé …

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 21.41.12


In which case – you can do whatever you want because you are amazing.


  1. People who dress their animals up in costumes for photoshoots


Maybe there are some pets who love being dressed up. I won’t deny that this is physically possible. My cat, however, would absolutely hate it and would try to bite my hand off. And I think justifiably. Animals in clothing belong in Bellatrix Potter books.


That’s the only place where they look cute. Unless of course you own a hairless Chihuahua and you live in Siberia – then make sure it’s wrapped up warm!


  1. Photos of food in bad lighting


I don’t think photos of food are inherently interesting enough to justify bad lighting or a badly taken photo. Landscapes, yes. Flowers, yes. Wild animals, yes. Bring on the grainy ISO. But a badly lit photo of a pizza? Not really worth my while… Sorry.


  1. Those accounts that only feature one person’s face. With a similar facial expression. And they’re all selfies.


My advice would be to go outside and look around a bit more. There’s plenty of interesting stuff out there. Not just you. Again, if you’re Beyoncé, this comment probably doesn’t apply.



  1. Cats in their litterboxes. Just give them some privacy. You wouldn’t want your photo taken in their situation, would you?



What are the things that you annoy you on Instagram? Any favourite accounts you’d recommend?



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One thought on “5 things you shouldn’t do on Instagram

  1. I also get annoyed when people follow me on Instagram and I follow them back, only for them to unfollow me a short time later. Not cool. Thankfully, I keep tabs and unfollow these people back. And, there are those who follow you and then immediately unfollow you, if you don’t reciprocate.

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